Welcome to the One Self Teachings Mp3 Store which now contains the majority of recordings created by Story Waters between 2005 and 2016 including the courses and retreats held with visionary artist Roger Hanson.

UPDATE: Read three texts from Story's upcoming book THE NEXT KINGDOM by joining the free library at Limitlessness.com

NEWS: From 2017 forward Story is releasing all new work under the pen name PostBoy in order to clearly demarcate the shift in Self (and thereby teaching) he talked about across 2016. Story is currently releasing new writing under PostBoy through WORDS ON PAPER where he publishes pages from his upcoming book THE NEXT KINGDOM the day they are written as well as through POSTBOY NOW which gives access to new texts from this channeling notebook. Check out the BENEFACTOR PROGRAM and THE FREE ONE SELF LIBRARY (free Mp3s and videos) at LIMITLESSNESS.COM

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Story Waters & roger Hanson

Story Waters & roger Hanson