THE PARADISE POINT - 21st-28th January 2017

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"I am pleased to announce that I have been given the opportunity to take 2017 to write a new book. As those that follow my audio work will know, the teachings have advanced considerably since the release of my two books just over ten years ago. I feel incredibly blessed to able to take the time to express the heart of the new framework that has been created across many spoken messages into a book. Due to the nature of the space I enter when I write, I will not be offering any live broadcasts after the January 15-Day Paradise Point Course. That will be the final course and Saturday the 14th of January will be the final monthly live broadcast. An extra 8-day course has been added on Saturday 3rd December. I hope you will join me for these final monthly broadcasts and courses before I take my writing break. They are sure to be very special with such wonderful book writing energies surrounding me. I expect to produce many audio recordings as a part of my writing process, so though I can make no promises, I expect to continue to release a stream of new material throughout 2017 through the mp3 store. Please join the newsletter to follow the latest new paid releases, as well as the free releases into the library. I very much look forward to presenting you all with a brand new book in just over a year's time! Much love to you all." - Story Waters


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The One Self Teachings Library presents the work of channeler Story Waters. Freely access many texts & over fifty hours of mp3s & videos. 

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Story delivers a 5-hour 3-session live video online broadcast every month (date varies, always a mid-month Saturday) . These can be subscribed to for $30 per month. You will receive Class 1 as an instant download as well as Library Collections 1 to 3 when you subscribe PLUS a 25% discount in the audio store. 
Next Broadcast: 17th December

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20/20 Courses run for 15 days, each with a daily live broadcast and mp3 download. With an extended intensive focus on a particular subject, 20/20 courses offer the opportunity for a profound shift of consciousness. 
Next Course: 21stJan-4thFeb The Paradise Point

Spoken Energy
Story is currently in the process of releasing the Spoken Energy Series and the first two collections are now available. This is the definitive collection of audio recordings that documents every message from the beginning, each remastered and reflected on by Story. This series will be the definitive record of the One Self Teachings and offers the recommended listening order for the messages. Freely listen to a 30 minute series introduction from Story on the Spoken Energy 1 album.
Website of Visionary Artist and channeler Roger Hanson who hosts the Perspectives with Seth shows and co-hosts the 20/20 courses with Story. Story and Roger  moved to California and married in 2014. 


Latest News / Additions

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10th Jan - New video below. Story and Roger introduce the 8-Day Paradise Point Course that starts on Saturday, January 21st. Register here.

17th Dec - New audio 'The Legend of Kal El. Superman & the Religious Wound' taken from Seth on Inner Senses. Listen below. There is a second free audio extract from this course here.

About the video above: "This was a retelling of the Christ story told through the Superman legend. It is not meant to imply an external, separate God. All creation / life is an expression of One Consciousness. This story conveys a highly evolved (but homogenous) non-physical consciousness choosing to merge with a physically diverse, instinctive species - the result being humanity. In The One Self Teachings the heart represents our portal to this wider state of non-physical consciousness within us. It is a staircase between the outer experience of a physical self, and the inner, non-physical experience (spirituality). However, in walking inwards towards the non-physical, we can go much further than most imagine. It is possible to connect into the non-physical state of consciousness that we birthed from. What is so incredible is that this is a unified, harmonious state of consciousness that views all humanity as itself exploring what reality can be. As such it is the collective consciousness of humanity. When you experience it you do not experience it as something else, you experience it as your Self. This is the State of Enlightenment/Awakening/Christ Consciousness." - Story Waters. Taken from Seth on Inner Senses. Listen to another clip from the course here.

11th Dec - The 21st January Paradise Point Course has changed from being 15 sessions over 15 days, to being 16 sessions over 8 days - details.

23rd Nov - We Are Source article added to the library.

17th Nov - NEW RELEASE: The Collective Evolution of Human Consciousness is a new 95 minute free film from Story created from recent Class 5: The Individual-Collective Relationship broadcast.  Please support its free release by purchasing the unabridged 3 hour broadcast here ($20). 


THE COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. This film was created from Class 5: The Individual-Collective Relationship. Free Mp3 and Mp4 here.

17th Nov - 20/20 Down the Rabbit Hole has been released through the mp3 store. Listen to 20 minutes of free highlights from this advanced adventure into the heart of consciousness. 

10th Nov - Story's 2017 Book Announcement added to the top of this page.

5th Nov - You Are Enough article added to the library.

4th Nov - What Is Suffering? article added to the library.

26th Oct - Class One - Creating Humanity: the Gift of Your Life is currently on sale at 50%/$20 Off.  New video highlight below:


26th Oct - Last weekend's Forward Into Humanity broadcast is now available from the MP3 Store (includes Part 1 video).

25th Oct - Seeing The Packaging Story Waters Weekly article added to the library.

24th Oct - The Paradise Point is announced as the topic of the next 16-Session 20/20 Course with Story Waters and Roger Hanson and will run from 21st January to 28th February 2017 - Registration.

18th Oct - Feel This Love video/mp3/text added to the library. This is the first overt recording from John who is connected to both John Lennon and John the Baptist. It is one of the most personified, direct and confrontational messages Story has ever delivered. Not recommended to very new listeners. 

16th Oct - The Story of Life text and video added to the library.

5th Oct - Haloic article added to the library.

29th Sept - The newly released Bridge 31 - Reaching Beyond Your Primary & Present-Focused Self-Identification has been added as a bonus recording to the Relationship Elevator Course that starts this Saturday (also available to Flow members).

28th Sept - The Empty Shadow article added to the library.

27th Sept - Newsletter released. Read newsletter Online. Subscribe here.

26th Sept - Story's July 2103 Seth Arrival Interview with Sandie Sedgbeer recorded shortly after is added to the library. 

25th Sept - New Library Navigation and About Library/Author pages added.

25th Sept - I Am You - Article double Story Waters Weekly issue added to the library.

23rd Sept - The 2015 Los Angeles Self-Creation Seminar has been added to the recording store. Includes ten hours of potent messages and inspirational ideas from Story Waters & Roger Hanson. Includes video downloads of three sessions.  

22nd Sept - Seeing Through The Earth Illusion video and mp3 added to the library.

21st Sept - New core concept and reflection texts added for StorySun Show 1, StorySun Show 2  & StorySun Show 3 along with the To Awaken article. 

20th Sept - The Meaning of Life in 700 Words text and video added to the library along with the Secret Movie & Esther Hicks interview. The 2008 You Came To Create Joy interview added to the library.

19th Sept - The Flow that is Life article added to the library along with Story's 2013 Lightworker Interview video.

18th Sept - The Sun Words 6 video which was created from StorySun Show 14 added to the library. 

17th Sept - StorySun Show 11 mp3 is added to the library. The complete StorySun Shows are also currently on-sale in the Mp3 Store.  StorySun is Story Waters' future Self who he channeled to create 23 shows in 2014. [Please note that the 23rd show has only just been added to the StorySun Mp3 Collection. If you previously purchased it you will get the additional track if you re-download the album from your Bandcamp account.]

17th Sept - The Joshua Tree Retreat Adventures in Consciousness 4 mp3 collection page has been added to the library which includes the free Sun Words 3 video. The Elliot - I Am You message Sun Words 5 video is added to the library.

16th Sept - Pages for 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition course & the advanced Amplification Course have been added to the library. These contain 2 free how to channel mp3s & a Sun Words video. Sun Words 7 added.

16th Sept - The bonus downloads for the October 1st 20/20 Relationships Elevator course are now available immediately upon course registration - Love & Intimacy two-part recording from Story and Love's Evolution & The Art of Connection 1 from Roger Hanson. Those that have already registered have been emailed the download link.

15th Sept - A new page for the 20/20 The Abundant Reality Focus course has been created that includes videos for Sun Words 1 & an abridged version of the opening abundance broadcast. 

14th Sept - Seth 4 - Awaken The Giant Within (mp3 & text) has been added to the library along with a new Seth Recordings page that links to Seth recordings within the library and Mp3 Store. 

13th Sept - Class Three - Infinite Love is now available from the Mp3 Store.

12th Sept Seeing Perfection: Bridging the Distance article from the Story Waters Weekly series has been added to the library. 

7th Sept - A newly remastered version of Let Us See Each Other Clearly that combines parts 1 and 2 into one seamless experience has been added to the library. 

7th Sept - The advanced 2015 course 20/20 Communicating Across Unconsciousness is now available in the Mp3 Store (3 bonus videos included). 

6th Sept - Seth's third session through Story, The Illusion of Time, is added to the library as both a mp3 and a text. 

6th Sept - The Questions and Answers session mp3 for The Masters of Consciousness has been added to the library. Both sections are also now included in the video.

5th Sept - Embracing the Contrast article added to the library along with Seth 2 - A New Experience mp3 & text.

4th Sept - Seth 1 - Meeting Seth has been added to the library along with a new Seth Recording page. Story's Seth-Jane Roberts statement has also be added.

4th Sept - Three One Self Teaching Library albums have been released that contain the audio recordings available through the library. This is a great way to show direct support for these recordings being freely available as well as giving you bandcamp streaming and the highest quality lossless files. Each 11-track album is just $7 each - details/purchase. These albums are bonus downloads for new subscribers to the monthly classes - next class this coming Saturday!

3rd Sept - numerous videos (with download option) have been added to the library. Most notable is the video for The Human Dilemma which is the full video version (not the YouTube photo version).

2nd Sept The Earth Consciousness Reports is released. This was a three-session one-day event designed to feel and express the energies of Consciousness on Earth and 'report' on them.  Bonus video included of part 2. Special launch price of $24 - full details in store.

1st Sept - Bridge 28 - Seeing through Linear Time is added to the library. This a new 2016 recording that expands upon Unfolding 20 - You Cause What Effects You from You Are God. Get Over It!

1st Sept - Three Unfolding texts and the I Am Free preface from Story's second book You Are God. Get Over It! added to the library. 

31st August - Seven Messiah Seeds (text and mp3s) have been added to the library as a part of a new page about the book. 

30th August - The newly remastered version of 'The Lie of Ascension. Be Now! Releasing the Cycle of Escape' has been added to the library.

29th August - Esoterica 1 - The One Self from Story Waters Weekly has been added to the library.

28th August - Spoken Energy 2 is the second album of the definitive series that includes every Story Waters message re-mastered, presented in order with all new reflections. This second collection includes Messages 6 to 9 plus several hours of seminar highlights - Listen to Content Overview / Purchase  

22nd August - The Changing Self article from Story Waters Weekly has been added to the library.

21st AugustClass Two: The Holographic Self now available. Devotes all three sections to the subject of the Holographic Self and how to better consciously and directly connect with this living library of Selves by releasing blocks in your perception that you have used to give meaning to your difference in the world. - Details / Purchase

8th August New Library Mp3s have been added to the One Self Teachings Library for a number of popular recordings including Game TheorySeeing Beyond DeathLet Us See Each Other Clearly and The SunSun Activation (versions both with and without music).

6th AugustSpoken Energy 1  is the first of what is to be the definitive series that includes every Story Waters message re-mastered, presented in order with all new reflections. This first collection includes Messages 1 to 5 plus Story's main two eBooks. Listen to 30 min Series Introduction -Listen to Intro / Purchase