The Individual-Collective Relationship

This is the fifth One Self Teachings Class Story talks at length about the information he is receiving for his upcoming book about the relationship between the individual and the collective (also science and religion), as well as extensive discussion on the topic of the U.S. Election and staying in your sovereignty.

Time: 3 hours.
Price: $8.

The Collective Evolution of Human Consciousness is a free film created from Class 5: Individual-Collective Relationship. Purchase the full recording below at a discounted price while the abridged film is freely available.

The free film was created from half the full content of this broadcast and does not include several complete topic areas that are addressed in the full three hour message. Additional content addresses:
- How we really create from expectation rather than belief - the instinctive creative moment.
- How things we make unconscious still affect us.
- How you have fully related to everything you have made unconscious.
- An expansion of the color wheel analogy.
- How by perceiving all individuality the collective (the wider state of consciousness) does not understand individuality. This explains wider perception on the human experience and is a major new concept for The One Self Teachings.
Please note that the free film is also far gentler in its presentation with Story's more direct/confrontational comments edited out.

All three sections are included in Mp3 audio format (and lossless). Additionally you will also receive a bonus video download of part 1 of the class.

Part One - 66 mins.
Part Two - 66 mins.
Part Three - 48 mins.

Running Time: 3 hours.
Price: $8.