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What are the One Self Teachings? 
The One Self Teachings are a collection of spoken and written materials channeled by Story Waters (bio info below). The core message is that all beings in existence are the manifestation of a single consciousness that is choosing to infinitely express itself through diversity. This is achieved through a form of perceptual separation that creates the illusion of Self and Other, when we are in fact the same consciousness, but choosing to experience itself from many different, unique vantage points.

What we call creation is in fact referring to the creation of a perceptual illusion that we are living within. This means that both your personal sense of Self and your outer reality are both meaningfully chosen illusions. Everything in existence is created this way, so though it is true that the human experience is an illusion, it is as real as anything else in existence. Humanity is an exploration of a deep level of individuation (separation from source) but that is also an incredible experience of Self-creation.

The One Self Teachings describe how we are living within a self-chosen, dualistic experience where we are navigating self-created meaning through an emotional-mental framework that spans experiences of extreme fear to intense connection and love.  The core realization is that you are not in any way a victim of this reality, but are in fact sculpting every aspect of your personal experience with the greatest possible wisdom. This is to accept yourself as the creator of your experience, as opposed to potentially feeling contained or even imprisoned within it.

Everything about this reality is a direct result of your infinitely free choice. This is therefore a path for spiritual explorers of consciousness who wish to fully embrace the realization of complete self-creatorship through total self-responsibility for the creation of your own reality. We can only change that which we accept we are creating. The basis of this realization is love, as only through coming to love both yourself, and your reality, will you come to accept that you are creating it.

As human beings we are navigating a collectively self-created meaning which presents us with the choice to respond through either love or fear. This is what we created this reality to be and it is functioning as expected. Nothing is going wrong. All is well. All that tells you otherwise is self-created meaning you are in the process of exploring and transforming. This is the empowering, love-based message of the One Self Teachings.

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Who is the author Story Waters?

My name is Story Waters and I am the creator of the One Self Teachings which is a collection of channeled texts and recordings about the nature of reality and consciousness. It is currently the summer of 2017 and I am at a new beginning in my life having recently started my next book as well as having just launched the One Self Free Library and the Benefactor Program.  I would like to tell you a little about what led me here, but mostly about this new beginning and my intentions going forward.

It all started in my early twenties when, as a part of my creative writing, I started exploring expression through stream of consciousness as I often found surprising ideas and imagery would emerge. As I focused on this feeling of ‘emergence’ within the stream of consciousness I began to experience it as being like a voice within me that I would converse with. At first I thought this was just some creative game with my own subconscious, but as I started asking bigger questions, such as, ‘What is the nature of time?’ there was a profoundly insightful quality to the answers and I could no longer pretend this was just some creative exercise.

Although I completely understand how conversing with an inner voice is for many people the very definition of insanity, the fact is that this ‘voice’ has produced hundreds of hours of recordings covering diverse concepts that all connect to form a coherent explanation for the nature of consciousness and its expression into reality. Therefore, even if you do not come to believe in the ideas contained in the teachings, it is impossible to deny that they cannot possibly be the product of insanity as they are just too wise, loving and coherent.

To someone who refuses to believe that it is possible to communicate with non-physical consciousness, this only leaves the option that I am therefore lying about how I came to possess this information. But that too makes no sense, as I would have had a far easier life if I had just presented the information I have received as coming from my own study. Over the years I have been blessed to have found a small, loyal audience that has celebrated and supported my work, but the ‘out-there’ quality of how I receive these reality-altering ideas has always been a barrier, not a selling point.

Though this phenomenon is generally known as channeling, I am not like most other channelers. Although I do not believe the communication I experience is just with my own personal subconscious, I also do not experience it as ‘other’ (which the majority of channelers do). Instead I experience myself as becoming that which is speaking. This is despite the fact that I express not one, but many flavors of voice.

It has been a long journey to understand how I do what I do and what its purpose is. To begin with, it was something happening to me - a process I was excited to engage in. However, over the years it has become a solid growing message, hence my move to call it the One Self Teachings. I feel this message deep within me, as if it were etched in my very soul, and it comes with an overwhelming compulsion to share it with the world. This passionate feeling is so strong that it has come to define my life and I experience my personal sense of joy and the delivery of this message as one. For this reason, I would best describe myself as being a messenger. I believe that I am a part of a collective circle of consciousness and the messages are spoken from this entire collective (though individuals within the collective often step forward and lead). I would describe the beings in this collective as all being teachers focused on supporting humanity.

I started my journey expressing this voice in written form with the release of two books. Then, in 2005, I moved to spontaneously expressing it in front of audiences and I moved from being a spiritual author to being a stream-of-consciousness speaker. It is these spoken messages that have now produced the main body of work. At the beginning of 2017 I was given the opportunity to return to writing by a gift from two generous benefactors and I chose to start writing a new book that could act as a primer for the teachings. This is much needed as to enter the One Self Teachings is to dive into an entirely new way of viewing reality. As such it is not knowledge that you can simply add onto what you already know. Along with this opportunity to write has come a valuable pause in my life where I have deeply reflected on ‘Why I am here?’, ‘What do I want to say?’ and ‘How do I best say it?’ The answers to these questions has now birthed this exciting new beginning in my life.

When I saw the new book material it was clear to me that its purpose was to condense the teachings such that their coherence and inter-connectedness could be experienced in a single focus, as opposed to across hundreds hours of spoken recordings. Even though the book text provides a clear framework through which to understand how I am receiving the information, the process of channeling is not discussed. I realized in this that it is the channeling process itself that is the biggest block to most people, and free from that resistance, open-minded people generally find a great fascination in the ideas, whether or not they come to believe in them.

As a part of my teaching I have always shared my life and my unfolding relationship with the channeling process. This is because I believe that the quickest way for anyone to come to experience the validity of these teachings is to learn to channel themselves. I don’t want you to believe the One Self Teachings on ‘faith’. I want you to experience what is discussed directly through elevating the experience of your own consciousness. It has therefore been interesting to see the information presented in the new book free from any discussion of channeling or my personal journey. What I realized is that the best way to get people channeling themselves is to show them the value of the information it can produce first.

It is this realization that has led to the creation of the Free One Self Library. This library will follow the book in presenting the One Self Teachings but without getting confused by discussion of the channeling process or the sharing of my personal experiences. I have always been reluctant to perform this kind of 'edit' because of my belief that an understanding of how you too can channel is an important part of opening up the multi-dimensional perception that everyone possesses. To edit the messages down had previously therefore felt to be taking away a part of their value. However, what I now see is that coming into these teachings needs to be a process that starts with the core information being presented before any notion of ‘channeling yourself’ is addressed and free of my personal ‘out there’ tales of consciousness and struggles with the world (I have never sought to present myself as having it all solved as I often struggle with feeling alienated).

The launch of the Free Library also ties into my feeling of being a messenger. As incredible as it has been producing these messages, due to my relatively small audience I do not yet feel like I have truly delivered the message to the world in the way I feel in my heart. My intention is therefore to create the Free Library to contain the heart of the teachings. As I return and listen to catalog of messages I am editing them down to their most valuable essence in terms of understanding the nature of consciousness and its expression into reality. As such I am cutting out the chat, references to my own experience, and the various aspects of the channeling process itself. My focus is on information and tools that have the power to open your perception, transform your beliefs, and help you live a happier, healthier, more abundant life. This is a process that will run alongside writing my new book over the next year or two.

It is naturally my hope that those that come to love the material will support me in this venture as I am going to need continued financial support (hence the creation of the Benefactor Program). I also hope that many of you become inspired to channel yourself and may explore the unabridged recordings that are available in the mp3 store. But, that said, I am not creating the Free Library to be a taster of the teachings in order to lead people to the paid messages. The Free One Self Library is me delivering the core of my message to this world free of charge. I intend to make my living through continuing to write new books, the unabridged and ‘how to channel’ recordings in the mp3 store, and the One Self Benefactor Program.

If you come to love the teachings through the Free Library I hope you will consider supporting me if you are able. But please know there is no obligation. Not only here, but anywhere, or to anyone. It is time to understand that despite being in human form, you are free. You came to this life for a very special experience and only you can give that experience to yourself. I offer the Free One Self Library from my heart to yours. Through allowing it to transform you, may you experience the love and freedom that you inherently are. 

There is an incredible adventure in consciousness available to you in the free library and I encourage you to intuitively choose a recording to listen to and just see what happens. Open your heart and you will see the beauty of these incredible messages of freedom consciousness. Even now, twenty years later, I don't fully understand how this is happening. But it is. My experience is real. Can you imagine?

Wishing you consciousness of the infinite blessings that surround you.

Story Waters 

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Additional Bio
Story was born in 1972 in Brighton, U.K. He studied Clinical Psychology at university. He overtly became a spiritual teacher in 2004 with the release of his first book The Messiah Seed. He now lives in Austin, USA with his husband, visionary-artist and channeler, Roger Hanson

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