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Welcome! Below you will find a listing of the latest Story Waters News and additions to the One Self Teaching Library. If you are new then you may wish to check out the following free content - Summary Essay, About the Author, Living Fearlessly from the HeartBridge 1, Class 1 Introductory Video or the library entries with textvideo or mp3 included. 

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One Self Teachings Library
The One Self Teachings Library presents the work of channeler Story Waters. You can freely access 40+ hours of mp3s / videos and a growing collection of texts (including a new series of One Self Teaching Essays). New content is added every month. Please consider supporting the free content by purchasing the paid recordings that are also listed.

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Story delivers a 5-hour 3-session live video online class every month (date varies, always a mid-month Saturday) . These can be subscribed to for $30 per month. You will receive Class 1 as an instant download when you subscribe as well as a 25% discount in the audio store. 
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Recording Store
Story's mp3/video store offers a selection of recordings including the Spoken Energy series, the monthly Classes, Perspectives with Seth Shows, 20/20 Courses, The Bridge of Consciousness, and the StorySun shows. There is always a featured recording offered at a discount and there are many free clips throughout the store. 

20/20 Courses (online 15 day intensives)
20/20 Courses are held three times a year in October, February & June, running for 15 days each with a daily live broadcasts with mp3 download. With an extended intensive focus on a particular subject, 20/20 courses offer the opportunity for a profound shift of consciousness. 
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Spoken Energy
Story is currently in the process of releasing the Spoken Energy Series and the first two collections are now available. This is the definitive collection of audio recordings that documents every message from the beginning, each remastered and reflected on by Story. This series will be the definitive record of the One Self Teachings and offers the recommended listening order for the messages. Freely listen to a 30 minute series introduction from Story on the Spoken Energy 1 album.
Website of Visionary Artist and channeler Roger Hanson who hosts the Perspectives with Seth shows and co-hosts the 20/20 courses with Story. Story and Roger  moved to California and married in 2014. 

Latest News / Additions

30th August - The newly remastered version of 'The Lie of Ascension. Be Now! Releasing the Cycle of Escape' has been added to the library.

29th August - Esoterica 1 - The One Self from Story Waters Weekly has been added to the library.

28th August - Spoken Energy 2 is the second album of the definitive series that includes every Story Waters message re-mastered, presented in order with all new reflections. This second collection includes Messages 6 to 9 plus several hours of seminar highlights - Listen to Content Overview / Purchase  

22nd August - The Changing Self article from Story Waters Weekly has been added to the library.

21st AugustClass Two: The Holographic Self now available. Devotes all three sections to the subject of the Holographic Self and how to better consciously and directly connect with this living library of Selves by releasing blocks in your perception that you have used to give meaning to your difference in the world. - Details / Purchase

8th August New Library Mp3s have been added to the One Self Teachings Library for a number of popular recordings including Game TheorySeeing Beyond DeathLet Us See Each Other Clearly and The SunSun Activation (versions both with and without music).

6th AugustSpoken Energy 1  is the first of what is to be the definitive series that includes every Story Waters message re-mastered, presented in order with all new reflections. This first collection includes Messages 1 to 5 plus Story's main two eBooks. Listen to 30 min Series Introduction -Listen to Intro / Purchase  

4th AugustReceive Class 1 when you register for the Class 2 August 13th live broadcast. Our monthly class subscription is now run through Bandcamp and costs $30 per month with no minimum term. Class details and registration

24th July The Embodiment of Freedom text and an 20 minute mp3 have both been added to the One Self Teachings Library along with a transcript of The Master of Consciousness

23rd JulyLiving Fearlessly from your Heart added to One Self Library. This is the full two hour Living Fearlessly from the Heart presentation that Story gave at the UK Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at the end of 2013. It includes an introduction to channeling, a  channeled message, audience Q&A and a powerful Activation.  Visit recording Library page

16th July20/20 Seth on Inner Senses is now available in the audio store. This is Story's most comprehensive information on learning to open and flow energy through your full inner senses. Listen to an introduction to the course on the recording page. 15 hours of magic! Visit the Audio Store

14th July - A new One Self Teachings YouTube channel has just launched. It currently features a new exclusive video from Class 1 set to music. Please subscribe to this new channel. Visit New YouTube Channel

12th July - The One Self Teachings - Class One - Creating Humanity : the Gift of Your Life broadcast from last Saturday is now available to purchase. Watch the first 30 minutes for free. Includes bonus video of part 1. Visit the Audio Store

3rd July - Free You Are God. Get Over It! audio book (5+ hours listening) when you subscribe to our new Story Waters One Self Teachigns newsletter